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LASIK Surgery

Many people love the idea of getting rid of their glasses and contacts, but they cringe at the thought of having a procedure performed on their eyes.
We're hoping that we can help people overcome their fears by providing accurate and helpful information about LASIK and other refractive procedures.
With time tested technology and fine-tuned surgical skill, this procedure is one of the safest,most effective eye treatments available.


Imagine a life without glasses and contact lenses - the simplicity. The freedom to do what you want without worry. That's what LASIK can do for you. If you are thinking of laser vision correction, choose the procedure that is designed to work with your eye's UNIQUE attributes, -OptiLASIK.

lasik centre

What makes OptiLASIK Unique?

  • OptiLASIK is different!
  • Utilizing the advanced diagnostic technology of Allegretto wave Eye-Q laser system, OptiLASIK actually creates Own personalized map of your eye.
  • Using this personalized map of your eye, we are better able to PERSONALIZE the LASIK procedure for the best results.
  • Entire OptiLASIK procedure is Safe, Painless (no injections), and almost in no time at all, you have the vision you always wanted.

Salient Features of OptiLASIK.

  • Only laser approved by USFDA.
  • Precision, if your eye moves, the laser tracks your eye at 500 times a Second.
  • Fastest laser in the world.
  • Permanent - Once in life time procedure.
  • Facility of bladeless Femto technology .

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